Who we are

AKC Development is a Management Consultancy firm which specializes in providing management consultancy services to governments and development partners in the broad areas of public sector reforms with particular focus on civil service reforms,Financial Sector Development, decentralization, local government reforms, e-government, public service pay reforms, public financial management, good governance, human resource management, project management and capacity building. Our consulting staff and associates have undertaken important assignments for a large variety of clients across Africa.

Our Philosophy

AKC consists of a core team of consultants, with a large network of associate consultants, and is to a large extent managed by the directors working as team leaders on their respective assignments.

Our Vision

To be the advisory partner of choice for the key drivers of development in Africa.

Our Mission

To provide world class professional advisory and consulting services that enhance the performance of governments, commercial enterprises and not-for-profit organizations in Africa.

Corporate Responsibility

AKC Development Consulting, as a firm and as a collection of individual staff, makes a conscious effort to be socially responsible and to contribute towards the development of Africa through the many opportunities that are around us every day. As a firm we contribute a percentage of our annual earnings towards our corporate social responsibility fund for various community needs, we encourage and support our staff to participate in community development initiatives either as representatives of the firm or in their own personal capacities, and we operate on ethical principles that are mindful of our society and environment. Due to our particular focus on supporting improved public sector performance, we recognize our responsibility to society and strive to operate in a socially responsible manner in the execution of each assignment ensuring that we adhere to high standards of ethical conduct within the framework of the legislation of the host country.